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Master's Manna, Inc. is CELEBRATING the signing of a 5 year lease at our current location with a 5,500 sq. ft. expansion! This expansion will increase our foot print to 11,600 sq. ft. 

During the month of JANUARY 

  • Staples Foundation awarded $3500 to Master's Manna to enhance our programs for "differently-abled" individuals
  • Over 1,200 local residents registered to use the Food Pantry
  • 35,000 pounds of food was picked up from local vendors and distributed to our "shoppers"
  • 8,500 pounds of clothes were donated and distributed
  • The "WALLS came tumbling down..." in the warehouse and in new office space
  • Wayne B., founder of the Trail of Terror GENEROUSLY donated sinks and shower stall
  • Wallingford Lowes has supplied 2 X 4's, sheetrock, door "saddles", tile paste and grout, paint, etc for 50% off! Way to go Patrick and crew!!

Upcoming in February:

  • Quinnipiac University~ faithfully supplying some of the BEST volunteers over the years~ will be back on site Feb. 21 and 22! 
  • WTNH TV was on site Jan. 29th for filming. Stay tuned for more EXCITING information
  • James H. Napier Foundation will be utilizing our new "Meeting Space" for their Feb. Board Meeting
  • CT Food Bank has convened an Agency Relations Council that will be utilizing our "Meeting Space" for our first face-to-face meeting
  • Dr. Salvatore Menzo, Superintendent of Wallingford Public Schools to tour Master's Manna



Caring For Family

Master’s Manna was founded on the belief of building relationship to impact and improve someone’s life. That means investing time and resources into the lives of others, getting dirty, laughing, crying, hurting and rejoicing.

It also means we PRAY for one another.

FAMILY members in need of prayer:

  • Gary: broken neck
  • Joe: broken ankle
  • Donald: homeless
  • Juana: facing end of life issues
  • Maria: new baby on the way
  • Demaris: new baby on the way
  • High School seniors transitioning to college and/or work force
  • Hundreds of local individuals seeking work
  • And for Master’s Manna, the volunteers and staff that give so unendingly, for protection and grace.

Tariq Farid is WOWED by Master’s Manna

We at Master’s Manna are humbled by the post placed on Tariq Farid’s Facebook page. To know that there are individuals who recognize the value of the services provided by Master’s Manna, the incredible volunteer base and scope of need in this local community provides the impetus for us to continue to serve. Thank you, Tariq for your faith in our mission and those fulfilling the needs… investors and volunteers alike!! Please take a moment to read the following: