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  • Saturday, November 8th...   Boy Scout Food Drive. When you receive your bag from the Scouts know that ALL of the food will support local food pantries. The Wallingford collection will come to Master's Manna.
  • Tuesday, November 25th is the 7th Annual Turkey Tossing Tuesday. Volunteer opportunities still available for hot cocoa making, sandwich assembly, soup serving and turkey tossing. We start at 8 a.m. and will be here until last family is served (usually 6 p.m.)
  • NOVEMBER 27 ~ NOVEMBER 30th  CLOSED for shopping
  • Saturday, December 13th... Cookie Bake and Exchange. Call 203.678.3042 if you would like to participate. We will have the basic ingredients for most cookies. Bring your favorite recipe and let us know if there is a special ingredient we can be on the lookout for! Cookie prep begins at 9 a.m.!
  • Saturday, December 20th... Kid's Christmas Shopping. Shopping is limited to children ALREADY registered with Master's Manna's Food Pantry. Children old enough to walk by themselves through 12 yrs old are able to "SHOP" for ONE (1) SIBLING and TWO (2) ADULTS. The kid's are learning to think and give to others. Let's help make this a memorable experience! NO ADULTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE KID'S SHOPPING AREA. Plenty of cookies, hot cocoa and coffee will be readily available to folks waiting for KID'S to shop!! Children will be escorted, gifts selected and wrapped prior to leaving the "SHOPPING" area. NO GIFT IS TO BE UNWRAPPED ON THIS  SITE or PROGRAM STOPS IMMEDIATELY. A Kid's Christmas Shopping APPOINTMENT MUST be made during when household makes a regular Food Pantry appointment.
  • DECEMBER 25 ~ JANUARY 1 CLOSED for shopping
  • JANUARY 2, 2015 ALL Food Pantry recipients MUST renew! We are looking forward to serving each and everyone living in the greater Wallingford/Meriden community that has an unmet basic human need. YOU ARE WELCOME HERE. HUNGER ENDS HERE!! 



Tariq Farid is WOWED by Master’s Manna

We at Master’s Manna are humbled by the post placed on Tariq Farid’s Facebook page. To know that there are individuals who recognize the value of the services provided by Master’s Manna, the incredible volunteer base and scope of need in this local community provides the impetus for us to continue to serve. Thank you, Tariq for your faith in our mission and those fulfilling the needs… investors and volunteers alike!! Please take a moment to read the following:


It is an easy accomplishment to donate a few dollars. It is an entirely different matter to make an investment.  An investment is a commitment, as of time or support. Investments provide a return. Investments are carefully thought out and implemented. We recognize that our “Investors” sacrifice time, talents and resources for which we are grateful. It is because of our “investors” that we can fulfill our mission to provide basic unmet human needs to our neighbors. PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING AN “INVESTOR”.