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July has arrived with the promise of warmer weather, no school for the children and teens, the loss of school lunches, availability of fresh garden produce and opportunities to make new friends and build relationships!

If you have not visited Master's Manna recently~ please come and see us.

* Our expansion into the entire building is complete (11,600 sq. ft. of valuable, service providing space!)

* Central air conditioning throughout entire building is functioning

* After 6 years of struggling with inadequate phone and internet service~ Comcast SHOULD be installing in the next few weeks!

* 6 Tower Gardens are up, operational and producing

* Front landscaping of building is edible~ hot peppers, melons, tomatoes, peas and more


January February March April May June Total to date
# of meals prepared with food distributed through Food Pantry 46,980 54,390 54,108 62,454 61,740 60,900 340,572
# of meals served through Family Dining Center 4,018 2,728 3,752 3,660 4,200 4,644 23,002
Volunteer Hours 2050.75 1870.25 2226.5 2567 1992.75 2476.75 13184
# of Unduplicated Individuals served 1,275 1,295 1,503 1,487 1,471 1,450 2,035
# of pounds of clothing donated/distributed 7,865 3,549 4,210 6,574 8,534 9,027 39,759
# of pounds of food collected from local food vendors/ditributed 31,493 33,760 41,681 45,372 51,300 35,653 239,259
# of pounds of food delivered from CT Food Bank/distributed 25,067 35,777 26,716 42,161 30,585 25,544 185,850
Total POUNDS Food Collected and DISTRIBUTED 56,560 69,537 68,397 87,533 81,885 61,197 425,109


Did you see a HUNGRY child today?

One in Five Children are facing hunger in CT~ summer is especially difficult with the loss of access to school meals. Our pledge is to end the FEAR of HUNGER. There are always extenuating circumstances that bring folks to the point of utilizing the services of a food pantry. That is why we work so diligently to have~ on site~ medical care, dental care, SNAP Certification, mental/behavioral health counseling, internships, clothing, laundry/shower facilities, etc. Folks REQUIRE MORE THAN FOOD~ but we can start there!!

Please help us help others this summer. You investment of time, talents, resources will directly impact the life of a child and their family!


Sharing the Resources to Benefit All!

Master’s Manna is here to SERVE those that require basic human needs such as food and clothing. Our DESIRE is to SERVE. Lately there has been a LOT of miscommunication regarding use of food pantries in other towns PLUS Master’s Manna.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for individuals that have resources available to them to use them AS WELL AS Master’s Manna. For those folks who live in Meriden and Middletown~ you have other food pantries at your availability. Use all of them!!

For MeridFoodpantriesen residents, we are aware that most food pantries allow you to access once a month. Here is a tip… there are 4 weeks in a month. Use Salvation Army one week, New Opportunities another week, Grace Place is good for a third week, the Mobile Food Pantry is always available the 4th Thursday of the month, New Gethsemane can be accessed twice a month, Iglesia Cristiana Palabra De Vida weekly! NO ONE in Meriden should be without food. USE your food pantries~ a different one each week, PLUS come here twice a month.