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  • Are you a plumber? We are still in DIRE need of the installation of a new shower! (We have all of the "parts"!) PLEASE CALL 203.678.3042 if you can assist!!
  • Now is the time to start thinking about GARDENING. Here are directions for a very basic "Tower Garden" Master's Manna would be THRILLED to have 100 such "gardens" to "plant" and get into the homes of our food pantry "shoppers"
  • If you are a "QUILTER" pay special attention to the FABRIC EXCHANGE post
  • With RENOVATIONS come CHANGES! There are specific entrances to this building for certain programs/departments. All entrances are marked for your convenience.
  • We have lost three "family" members in the past week. LOVE someone today. Tell them how important they are in your life. APOLOGIZE, mend a fence, build a bridge, FORGIVE!!