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Master’s Manna Days at the New Britain Bees!

Master’s Manna Days at the New Britain Bees


Saturday, July 2 @ 6:35p                       with FIREWORKS!!

Saturday, August 13 @ 6:35p                with FIREWORKS!!   

Saturday, September 17 @ 6:35p         with FIREWORKS!!



Purchase tickets online

  • Go to
  • Upper right hand corner~ click BUY TICKETS
  • Bottom left hand of page select July, August and/or Sept and hit SUBMIT
  • Select one of the above dates on the calendar and click on buy tickets
  • Letters appear that you need to type into the clear box~ type them in
  • Select section of stadium and seat/s you would like to purchase
  • Select purchase tickets
  • Bottom of page is PROMOTION CODE field~ enter: MANNA as the promotion code
  • Apply promotion code~ NOTICE the PRICE of your ticket has been REDUCED!!!

YOU DID IT!   YOU supported a neighbor in need!    THANK YOU!!    See you at the GAMES!!