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Master’s Manna Days at the New Britain Bees!

Master’s Manna Days at the New Britain Bees


Saturday, July 2 @ 6:35p                       with FIREWORKS!!

Saturday, August 13 @ 6:35p                with FIREWORKS!!   

Saturday, September 17 @ 6:35p         with FIREWORKS!!



Purchase tickets online

  • Go to
  • Upper right hand corner~ click BUY TICKETS
  • Bottom left hand of page select July, August and/or Sept and hit SUBMIT
  • Select one of the above dates on the calendar and click on buy tickets
  • Letters appear that you need to type into the clear box~ type them in
  • Select section of stadium and seat/s you would like to purchase
  • Select purchase tickets
  • Bottom of page is PROMOTION CODE field~ enter: MANNA as the promotion code
  • Apply promotion code~ NOTICE the PRICE of your ticket has been REDUCED!!!

YOU DID IT!   YOU supported a neighbor in need!    THANK YOU!!    See you at the GAMES!!

May 2016 Letter

Dear Friends,

Renee easily recalls the desperation she felt when she first walked in to Master’s Manna.

In March 2008, Renee lost her job with Verizon, just as the recession was about to hit in full force.  She had a newborn son to care for, and she needed help.  She had driven by Master’s Manna storefront location many times, and always saw a line out the door.  She summoned the courage to ask for help with diapers for her son.

“I came in with my head on the ground.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone,” she recalls.

Eight years later, Renee smiles and says, “This place was my lifeline.  Everyone here is my family.”

Renee’s story of transformation is one that is common at Master’s Manna—and it is one that you help make possible with your generous contribution.

I met Renee that first day she walked in to Master’s Manna.  With encouragement and some gentle nudging, I convinced Renee that Master’s Manna was here to help her.  I knew that Master’s Manna could provide her some relief from the stress that was plaguing her body and spirit.

Unfortunately, Renee’s troubles weren’t over yet.  She and her husband struggled to pay their rent on their limited income and with an infant to support, and they were served with eviction papers.

Throughout their struggle, thanks to the faithful support of donors like you, Master’s Manna was there to help them—with diapers, food, and emotional support.  Whenever Renee was in need of tangible items, she knew that at Master’s Manna, “The door was always open.”

Thankfully, Renee’s husband was soon able to get a better job, and they were able to stay in their apartment.  Several months after she first walked through its doors, Renee began to volunteer at Master’s Manna, to help lift her own spirits as well as help others.  Ever since, she has been a source of support for others who struggle the way she once did.

As one volunteer coordinator of the food pantry, she is able to tangibly meet their need, as well as encourage them.  “If I can make it out of the fire,” she tells them, “You can make it out of the fire.”

To continue to provide this lifeline for our neighbors, Master’s Manna needs your financial support.

Master’s Manna is full of people like Renee—people who are in the midst of a crisis, or who need a little extra help to get by each month.  People who have found a place they feel welcome and at home.


Your investment into Master’s Manna has a profound and immediate impact on our neighbors’ lives.  With your tax-deductible gift, someone in need can find healthy food, clothing, medical care, job training, or companionship.

Because of donors like you, Renee didn’t have to choose between feeding her family, or staying in her home.

Please join us today in helping more families like Renee’s.

With sincere thanks,

Cheryl Trzcinski
Co-Founder and CEO

February STATS

We know that many of you love numbers (I am not one of those people ~ all Greek to me)!

  • 1368 Unduplicated individuals received food through the Food Pantry
  • 2 trucks are on the road 5 day a week reclaiming food from local food vendors
  • 38,134 POUNDS of food (free that would have been thrown away) was reclaimed, sorted and distributed
  • An additional 17,733 POUNDS of food (some purchased) was delivered by CT Food Bank and distributed
  • 6900 POUNDS of clothing donated, sorted and dispensed in the Market
  • Enough food was distributed to supply  1,368 individuals with enough food to prepare 49,248 MEALS
  • 2750 MEALS were prepared and served through the Family Dining Center
  • 2037.75 hours of volunteer time was documented


Collect Some Change! Change a LIFE!!!

What is your PASSION?!? You can USE your PASSION to change a life forever! How? At Master’s Manna we serve over 500 FAMILIES weekly. Come read a book to a child and send that child home with the book. Use the Kitchen to bake a batch of cookies~ and pass them out! Love to GARDEN?? Plant a row of veggies for us! Painting your niche? Teach others. Love to run, swim, workout, walk, jump rope, text??? Get creative, challenge friends, and family! Get “pledges” and see who can text the most words per minute or hour! or how long can you jump rope before your arms fall off! or how many laps you can swim! or how many games of Scrabble can be played in an hour? This time of year our financial resources trickle in~~~ start a FLOOD!!


Master’s Manna will officially open at 8 a.m today FRIDAY (2/12/16) and will remain open through 2 p.m. Monday (2/15/16) as a WARMING STATION for individuals AND FAMILIES in the Wallingford area. We do NOT have “Beds”, however we can keep you warm and comfortable!
Please call 203-678-3042 for more information
Any donations of toilet paper and paper towel would be greatly appreciated!!


End of the year totals are in for 2015 and are they ever IMPRESSIVE.
Please accept our deepest appreciation and humble THANK YOU for enabling Master’s Manna to provide basic human needs to over 2,650 local individuals! YOU and your gifts MATTER!!
According to Independent Sector (2014) in the state of Connecticut (1) one volunteer hour is valued at $26.79.
Feeding America values (1) one pound of food at $1.60.
In-Kind Donation Value
27,903 VOLUNTEER HOURS were performed in 2015 which equates to $747,521.37
520,875 POUNDS of food was donated (not including food obtained from CT Food Bank) and is valued at $833,400