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Collect Some Change! Change a LIFE!!!

What is your PASSION?!? You can USE your PASSION to change a life forever! How? At Master’s Manna we serve over 500 FAMILIES weekly. Come read a book to a child and send that child home with the book. Use the Kitchen to bake a batch of cookies~ and pass them out! Love to GARDEN?? Plant a row of veggies for us! Painting your niche? Teach others. Love to run, swim, workout, walk, jump rope, text??? Get creative, challenge friends, and family! Get “pledges” and see who can text the most words per minute or hour! or how long can you jump rope before your arms fall off! or how many laps you can swim! or how many games of Scrabble can be played in an hour? This time of year our financial resources trickle in~~~ start a FLOOD!!