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Let there be PEACE on EARTH and let it begin with me!


How can we, as a community really left untouched by mass tragedy, come to the aid of our fellow Americans in San Bernadino? PRAYING for those effected by this needless violence, certainly… The families that walk throu these days in fogs of disbelief, anger and numbness… The pain comes soon. The first responders who train for such occurrences, but once having experienced the carnage will NEVER be the same. Those health care professionals who used their skills to treat and begin the healing process for those wounded, the children who look to adults for answers and neither find any. VIOLENCE WILL NOT QUELL VIOLENCE!
Having said all of that… How can we, as a community across the country bring some comfort and/or relief to our distant shore neighbors?
I am open to all suggestions and willing to do whatever I can to help those in need! I have Lots of yarn at Master’s Manna~ anyone care to make prayer shawls to send? I am sure we could partner with a faith community in the area and build a bridge from coast to coast! ANYONE? Other ideas? How about parking passes for families with relatives in hospital????



It is Official! The greater Wallingford/Meriden Community is FABULOUS!
359 Children 234 Seniors and 674 Adults (1267 INDIVIDUALS) were provided with THANKSGIVING EVERYTHING and then some… during our 8th Annual Turkey Tossing Tuesday! A RESOUNDING success!
To all who invested of their time to actually serve those coming and going, their talents to make soup, sandwiches dispense food and SMILES, ensured a steady flow of turkeys, chickens and hams….. we are humbled by your support of Master’s Manna’s mission, your enthusiasm and your encouragement.