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7th Annual Kid’s Christmas Shopping

Saturday, December 12th is a MUCH looked forward to day at Master’s Manna. It’s ALL about the KIDS!!
KIDS ONLY are allowed in the “Christmas Store” (stocked with donations galore. We specifically need TEENAGE gift selections!!). VOLUNTEERING KIDS escort KIDS that are shopping. VOLUNTEERING KIDS wrap gifts before our shopping KIDS leave the “store”. VOLUNTEERING KIDS make soup, coffee, hot cocoa, cookies and serve the adults as they wait for their KIDS! (Okay… we do have three or six adults that oversee and untangle tape~ but they are KIDS at heart!)
KIDS can not just come and shop. As much as we LOVE KIDS we are also responsible for teaching some life lessons. For a KID to be able to shop for OTHERS (never themselves) they have to accomplish a task. The task is not as simple as it sounds and we have learned to “tweak” as we go along.
Each child that would like to shop MUST write a letter to someone in the military before they are given a shopping appointment. Adults have written letters for children. NOT!!! This is something the child MUST do. If the child can not write~~~ draw a picture. This step is about someone else… not them. Once the letters/pictures are presented a “shopping” token is given for the child to shop for a SIBLING and two adults. If there is no sibling the child may shop for adults. The letters and pictures are then presented to the West Haven VA Hospital for distribution.
While the KIDS are shopping the adults select from donated coats, hats, mittens, NEW socks, NEW underwear for their families. They also eat cookies and/or soup, drink hot coffee/cocoa and RELAX!!
If you are a KID at heart~~ This event is for YOU!! Would love to see you here!

8th Annual Turkey Tossing Tuesday

Tuesday, Nov. 24th is a day if CELEBRATION, JOY, HOT SOUP, VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES and… TURKEYS! HUNDREDS of TURKEYS!!! Master’s Manna coordinates with local food pantries and social service agencies that distribute Thanksgiving food, baskets and/or turkeys. We compare lists. Why? So that EVERYONE gets what is needed. If one of our “shoppers” is receiving food from another pantry that week but no turkey they are able to receive a turkey from us. Some folks receive a turkey elsewhere and come here to “shop” for their weekly groceries. For the majority of our families, they receive weekly groceries, Thanksgiving fixins’ and TURKEY (chicken available upon request if a TURKEY is too large). Over 450 FAMILIES will be served on this day.

Volunteers arrive at 7 a.m. and festivities begin at 8 a.m. Since everyone “shops” by appointment there is a steady flow of traffic ALL DAY. The shelves are restocked throughout the day, sandwiches and hot soup are distributed to volunteers and “shoppers” alike. HUNDREDS of turkeys are already on site and more come in throughout the course of the day. Volunteers direct traffic, carry groceries, answer the phones, make more soup, and COFFEE, help “shoppers” select pies, carrots, potatoes, onions, stuffing, gravy, meals in a can, cereal, pasta, etc. (NOT EVERYONE HAS THE MEANS to prepare a Thanksgiving meal) You can also find folks making and sharing S’Mores at our little mobile fireplace while they warm their hands from literally TOSSING TONS of TURKEYS!!!!!
Come be part of this adventure!! Call 203.678.3042 for volunteer information!