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It is an easy accomplishment to donate a few dollars. It is an entirely different matter to make an investment.  An investment is a commitment, as of time or support. Investments provide a return. Investments are carefully thought out and implemented. We recognize that our “Investors” sacrifice time, talents and resources for which we are grateful. It is because of our “investors” that we can fulfill our mission to provide basic unmet human needs to our neighbors. PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING AN “INVESTOR”.

7th Annual Turkey Tossing Tuesday November 25, 2014

Again this year, excitement is growing within the community as we prepare for our most widely supported and attended event… TURKEY TOSSING TUESDAY! If you have not taken part may I suggest you purchase a turkey, don a pair of gloves and come on down. We begin at 8 a.m. and continue until ALL families/individuals that have an appointment receive their weekly groceries, Thanksgiving fixings PLUS a TURKEY. Last year 613 households were served. Hot beverages, soup and sandwiches are prepared and served all day… must keep all fed and happy. You may rotate from helping park cars, making coffee, tossing turkeys to answering phones, making more coffee, stocking shelves, serving soup, did I mention making coffee? You WILL be tired, cold, and elated as you watch family after family leaving with food, food and more food. It is a beautiful thing. Please consider purchasing turkeys, Stop & Shop gift cards, giving a cash donation or VOLUNTEERING for one day and changing a life… perhaps yours!


YOU are welcome here!

YOU are welcome here if you are:
  • In recovery or still addicted
  • Inked, pierced, or both
  • Have problems, are down in the dumps, blew all your money last night partying
  • Need a prayer right now, got lost in traffic or just got here by mistake
  • Are single, married, divorced
  • Just browsing, just got up, just got out of jail
  • Are filthy rich or dirt poor
  • A soccer mom, NASCAR dad, starving artist, tree hugger, latte sipper, vegetarian, junk food eater
  • Young, young at heart, aging or mature
  • A seeker or a doubter