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Dr. Peter Rosenwald puts finishing touches on Eye Clinic

Dr. Rosenwald September 8th the Eye Clinic will be officially open! Currently Dr. Rosenwald will see 3-4 patients (BY APPOINTMENT) one Monday each month. This is another exceptional collaboration that Master’s Manna is so proud to be able to announce to our community. The joy of this relationship is that Dr. Rosenwald is willing to give of his time and talent, with the LIMITED space here at Master’s Manna, and with a little creativity, we now have an EYE CLINIC. We are blessed.


FILL the BUS @ Wallingford WalMart


EVERY CHILD should have the necessary school supplies which is why Master’s Manna will again partner with WalMart..Friday, August 22nd and Saturday, August 23rd the big yellow school bus will once again be in front of WalMart. Our volunteers will be onsite collecting and sorting school supplies. Last year 289 “Back to School” packets were delivered to students registered with Master’s Manna. Let’s make it 325!!!! Monetary donations are also welcome Yes Option review.